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The establishment of IDX Investment Gallery is to introduce the Capital Market as early as possible to the academic world. Currently, the establishment of IDX Investment Gallery is using the concept of 3 in 1 (co-operation between IDX, University and Security Company) so that the academia can not only learn the Capital Market theoretically, but are also able to practice it. The purpose of IDX Investment Gallery is to reach out the educated groups so that they can understand the Capital Market better.

IDX Investment Gallery have all the publications on Capital Market published by the IDX, including the Law of capital Market. Information and IDX data can be used by the academia for academic purpose, not for commercial purpose of share trading.

It is hoped that through this cooperation, the information of Capital Market will be spread out, and that the academics, economic practitioners, investors, capital market observers and public will receive optimum benefits of capital market, either for socialization, education or economically.

Benefits for Each Parties

  • For IDX, IDX Investment Gallery has become means of socialization and education among the academics, so that the academics do not only know about the capital Market from the theoretical side, but also are able to practice it.
  • For the universities, IDX Investment Gallery is strategic alliances to Capital Market practitioners (IDX, Exchange Members, and Vendor Data) and a way to improve their Brand Name and value of the University.
  • For the Securities Company, IDX Investment Gallery is promotion medias among the academics, and as a media for human resource recruitment.
  • For the Data Vendor, IDX Investment Gallery are promotion medias among the academics, and as a media for human resource recruitment. 

The Responsibility of Each Parties

  • Indonesia Stock Exchange : will send publications published by the IDX to support the activities related to Capital Market educational Socialization, give opportunity of internship and facilitate investment clubs.
  • The university : must provide the space and infrastructure needed for the gallery of the IDX Corners and Capital Market Lab.  It includes providing proper PCs according to the necessity (minimum of 3 PCs: 2 for the Realtime Data and 1 for the operation of IDX Corners).
  • The Securities Company : has to give educational and socialization service of Capital Market, sharing profit according to the agreement, and giving the opportunity of internship.
  • The Vendor Data Realtime : has to give a free subscription at least for 1 terminal in the Capital Market Lab, giving educational service and socialization of Realtime Data, and also giving the opportunity for internship. 

Procedures of IDX Investment Gallery Establishment

Step I : Correspondence

It is the correspondence phase, where proposals and the university’s profile are studied and discussed to understand the commitment of both sides. Proper test to see the potentials of the campus for IDX Corners, such as its capacity. Finding the strategic location for the IDX Corner, such as Easily accessed by the students, Located in an area often passed by the students, Minimum size of the room is 6 m x 5 m, Attractive room design. Choosing the Security Company and preparing the data from the Data Vendor.

Step II: Location Survey

Finding the strategic location and preparing all things needed for the IDX Corner.

Step III: Agreement Signing and Inauguration of the IDX Corner

IDX Corner is ready to open any time after the cooperation agreement and all other requirements have been fulfilled.

For IDX Investment Gallery establishment information contact IDX Representative Offices in your city.

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