Capital Market Certification and Education


The Indonesia Capital Market Institute (TICMI) is an educational institution that provides capital market professional certification recognized by the Financial Services Authority (OJK). TICMI also hold professional capital market certification examinations in Indonesia. All TICMI graduates are expected to support the capital market education activities as well as to facilitate the professional needs of the industry.

The certification training organized by TICMI aims to meet the needs of regulators, both retail & institutional investors, and securities companies in preparing skilled human resources, competent capital market professionals, as well as understanding applicable laws and ethics. The curriculum has been designed to fulfill the basic competence of the profession in the field of capital market to ensure the objective.

The certifications of the capital market profession provided by TICMI are as follows:

After completing the training and passing the exam, the participants will automatically obtain a TICMI graduation certificate which can then be used to apply for the license to OJK.

Education and training programs and professional capital market certification examination by TICMI can be seen on the website





Common people need extensive access to in-depth knowledge of capital and financial markets, both for personal development and for professional needs. TICMI therefore routinely conducts various training related to capital markets open to the general public such as:

1. Sekolah Reksa Dana
2. Cerdas Mengelola Keuangan
3. Value Investing
4. Technical Analysis
5. Accounting for non Accountant (AFNA)
6. Risk Management Forum
7. Other capital market related workshops & seminars

For more information visit TICMI or Sekolah Pasar Modal website.